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The Women of Ukraine's Railroads Keep the Trains Runnin...

The under-sung heroes of the country's rail system keep vigilant watch from colorful mini-castles.

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Artist Rachel Cabitt Is Trapped in a Quarantine Horror ...

Yes, the current experience is full of terror. But there's room for catharsis, too.

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The Webs of Covid-Related Caution Tape Across London

Seemingly overnight, the red-and-white-striped tape that suddenly became ubiquitous in the English capital.

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NASA’s Crawler Transporter 2 Sets Record

Guinness World Records officially designated NASA’s Crawler Transporter 2 as the heaviest self-powered vehicle, weighing approxima...

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Patagonian Plankton Swirls

Phytoplankton create rich blooms of color in the Atlantic Ocean near South America in this enhanced color image from Dec. 2, 2014.

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Battling Bots

Industrial-size robots built by high school teams compete against each other in a game at Rocket City Regional, Alabama’s annual F...

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